"Normally we never hear the world
as it is. What we hear is an edited production. The sounds we like, we pull out ourselves."

Kasper Krone

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Peter Heg, Den stille pige
Rosinante 2006

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Hard Rain    No 18    July 5, 2006
An extraordinary reading adventure
Danish writer Peter Heg is back after ten years with the novel, 'Den stille pige' (The Silent Girl). His many readers will be more than grateful for this new master piece.
Peter Heg is one of the most irritating and headstrong writers in Scandinavia" Ola Larsmo writes in Dagens Nyheter. He expresses a kind of frustration one will find with almost everyone who has written about Heg's novel "Den stille pige".

Especially the Danish critics seem to have a hard time reviewing the novel. "You are actually bored on a high level" John Christian Jrgensen in Ekstrabladet writes. Marianne Ping Huang in Information talks about a swamp of alternative spirituality and masculine age crisis. Bjrn Bredal in Politiken hits the roof: In his picture of himself he (Peter Heg) moves with self confidence over time, market and airport culture. But he hits it just where the appetite is, the consumer appetite in the departure hall."

Gunnar Hllander, 1943

  Now, what does this mean? The publisher's (Rosinante) presentation reads: The novel "Den stille pige" is about the 42-year-old world famous circus artiste Kasper Krone, who has a passion for poker and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. His hearing is prodigious, as indeed are his debts to the taxman. While wintering in Glostrup, he finds out that one of his former pupils, KlaraMaria, a 10-year-old girl, has been kidnapped.

What is it that makes the novel so seductive? To be able to tune in your surroundings with the compassion of a clown is a message in these timed of musical deafness. The portrait of Kasper Krone already has its place in literary history. Krone's ability to make everything right against all odds inspires and fascinates.

When I read a fantastic novel like this one and wish that it would never end, I get a little worried about the ending. No such worries this time. "Den stille pige" finishes in style. A great test for the writer - and for the reader!

Thomas Rnstrm