"Cheaters and scoundrels
trying to be superior
Come down and take it easy
then you can stay, if not, leave"

Bernt Staf (1945-2002)

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Bernt Staf - 8 favourites:

1. Familjelycka (1970)
2. Frg, ton och ord (1972)
3. Strmparterren (1972)
4. Sekunda glas (1972)
5. Frsommarnatt (1973)
6. Robotnik (1973)
7. Arbetarblot (1973)
8. Vr, om du vill (1976)

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Hard Rain
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Hard Rain    No 27    March 30, 2007
Bernt Staf - in permanent focus
Bernt Staf was a musical agitator. His broken, angry and trembling voice, sometimes changing to sugar sweet romance, still fascinates and haunts.
Having seen and heard Bernt Staf in great form one never forgets this fighter and teller of truths. The devotion was that of an agitator. It was natural for him to take part, whether the topic was Vietnam, the elms of Kungstrdgrden or nuclear power.

His first album Nr dimman lttar (1970) was a great success with critics and the public. Who has not been humming Familjelycka?

Vingslag was released on March 24, 1972. That is definitely Bernts best album. Legendary producer Anders Burman at Metronome had put together a battery of first class studio musicians. Songs and backgrounds were recorded simultaneously, something that isnt done anymore.

Vingslag is a wonderful mix of politics and poetry. Frg, ton och ord, Sekunda glas and Strmparterren are still a must in the iPod collection. Anita Transisto was a formidable hit at the time. The album is a milestone.

With the album Valhall, autumn 1973, Bernt Staf went over to the progressive record company Silence. Maybe his observations and analysis were too much for Metronome. Had the texts become too bitter? With Bosse Hansson and Janne Carlsson as backing Bernt was in his own right and he is really angry. Even today his truths stand up.


Vr, om du vill from 1976 hasnt lost a tone over 30 years. har inte frlorat en ton under de 30 r som gtt. Bernts utopia has great values.

The scene of the 1980s was taken over by stockjobbers and yuppies. It became hard for Bernt Staf to make himself heard. He moved to Haninge, engaged in politics, wrote in the papers and performed here and there. We miss him that is for sure.