Good literature is no longer thought of as something dusty and antiquated.
Cecilia Wikstrm (fp) i GT 2007-09-27
at the opening of this years Book Fair in Gothenburg.

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En bok fr alla
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Ett utvecklat litteraturcentrum och statens std till En bok fr alla AB
Kulturdepartementet, PM 2007-07-18

Budgetpropositionen 2008
Prop. 2007/08:1, utgiftsomrde 17


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Hard Rain no. 2/2005

Hard Rain    No 32    October 12, 2007
The threat against En bok fr alla (A book for everybody)
Hard Rain is back after summer vacation and finds to its dismay that the government has decided to discontinue the publication of ???En bok fr alla???. Have they understood the great importance of these books for reading promotion?
The proposal to discontinue En bok fr alla (EBFA) was presented in the middle of summer and with a very short time for consideration. In spite of heavy criticism the proposal is now in the budget for 2008.

This is certainly a deathblow for all parties working hard to strengthen the reading environment in schools and to offer reading experiences for young people. The EBFA-books are an indispensable resource for teachers, librarians and students.

The combination of a low price and quality is crucial. The titles chosen are known by teachers and librarians to stimulate reading in school. Many of these titles are modern classics that would not be available without EBFA.

  A closing-down of EBFA will have an immediate effect on the reading movements in the country. Among those is the successful initiative taken by the Book-in-Sweden Foundation to promote children's reading through book talk and other reading activities in schools and libraries and visits to the local bookshop.

Next table is the Cultural committee in the Swedish Parliament. Wouldnt it be a little bit thick not to listen to the strong winds of public opinion? What has Cecilia Wikstrm (fp) to say? She is the vice chairman of the committee and well known to speak up for a strong position for literature in the schools.

Anyway, the public demand is clear enough. Government support for the important books published by En bok fr alla must continue!