"Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king."

Bob Dylan, Sweetheart like you, 1983.

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Hard Rain    No 35    February 14, 2008
Here you are! Some old favourites
Valentine's Day is a good day to pick some reader favourites from the archives of Hard Rain.
The following posters have - a little out of the ordinary - engaged / provoked / aroused enthusiasm / interested (please choose one or more) the readers of Hard Rain:

4/2005 The subtle face of greed

It wasn't so easy to blame the directors for the frantic "million dollar bash" in Skandia. The court acquitted the managing director and the scandalous affair is back in the laps of the old Skandia board again.

13/2006 Sweden is a fantastic country!

Freedom of speech sits a little tight here and there. The same goes for the freedom to raise the national flag. Believe it or not!

19/2006 A Swede at Guantanamo Bay

Somewhere in Sweden young Mehdi Ghezali is waiting for at least an apology from the authorities for years of unlawful detention and torture. What has the Swedish government achieved in the matter so far?

  20/2006 Anita O'Day - top swinger

Jazz singer Anita O'Day can not be heard "live" anymore. But we love to listen to Honeysuckle Rose and all the other unforgettable recordings.

27/2007 Bernt Staf - in permanent focus

The editors passes the 25 year memory of Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Instead we celebrate that "Vingslag", Bernt Staf's outstanding album, grows 36 on March 24.

34/2007 Vin & Sprit for sale? Absolutely not!

Are there some problems with the sellout of Vin & Sprit? The fight against this embezzlement of public property goes on.