"Vi lesum bkur til a hressa upp hugmyndaflugi. (We read books in order to renew our fantasy.)
Students in Vrmarskli, Mosfellsbr, Iceland

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Lsgldje i Norden - Barn- och ungdomsbcker p tta sprk.
Nordbok och Ett lsande Norden 2000

Ett lsande Norden - Bokprat, barnbokskaravaner och lsstafetter.
Nordbok och Ett lsande Norden 2000

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Ett lsande Norden

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Hard Rain    No 9    January 7, 2006
Pioneer study by children's librarians from the Nordic countries

The network A Reading North makes children and young people feel the joy of reading. The database ELLEN highlights children's books from the Nordic countries.
A Reading North (Ett lsande Norden) is a joint effort by the Nordic countries to focus on successful reading promotion and show what can be done when certain conditions are met. The program has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordbok.

The usual division in readers and non-readers should not be taken for granted. It is possible to win a lot more book readers and it is necessary to start as early as possible. Experience in the Nordic countries shows that close cooperation between librarian, teacher and students gives very good results.

A panel of librarians and teachers from different places in the North have made a selection of children's books. Every book is presented in the original language. This is something that has never been done before. "Lsgldje i Norden. Barn- och ungdomsbcker p tta sprk." contains close to 800 titles in eight different languages.

This excellent material is now to be found on the Internet with the adress www.ellen.nu. "Ellen" is the result of cooperation with Nifin, Nordic Institute in Finland . The presentation is similar to the book version. But it hasn't been possible to include Froyar, Grnland and Spmi in this first version of the web site. Books from these countries will be found in the "paper version" of Lsgldje i Norden.
  Ellen receives a continuous addition of new books that can be recommended. Books that are no longer up to date are taken away. New entries can be found on page one as "Nya Lstips".

The books presented from each country have been used by the members of the panel and these titles have been proven to arouse interest. They are picture books and easy readers for different age groups, and funny, imaginative and thrilling books that take hold of the reader and makes him want more of the same. In short: books that are good for book talk, reading aloud and reading promotion in different shapes.

Knowledge of good books for all ages and interests must be kept. Teachers, librarians and parents together can use this knowledge to give every child a lasting reading interest and the ability to find the good books.

The panel from A Reading North has also published a useful "manual" on reading promotion. "Ett lsande Norden. Bokprat, barnbokskaravaner och lsstafetter", with local reports from different corners in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Faroes and Greenland, is written for people "in the field", mainly librarians and teachers.

Activities for young people must not be solitary events. The problem today is to move on from the temporary projects and campaigns, and find the ways and resources for lasting programs that lead to joyful reading.

A Reading North welcomes children's librarians, teachers and other "book talkers" to join in these efforts.